Let’s Talk about the Neighborhood Liaison Program


Dwight Wilson is the Citizen’s Engagement Coordinator at Philly311. But what does that mean?

That means that Dwight travels to civic associations to spread the word about Philly311, the mobile app, and the Neighborhood Liaison Program.

But what is the Neighborhood Liaison Program?

Great Question. A lot of people don’t know about it.

The NLP is an initiative within Philly311 that provides neighborhoods or communities with a representative, organized voice.  This means that participating communities will have a volunteer Liaison who is trained by the Philly311 team and granted access to complaints filed within his/her community. Ideally, once a liaison volunteers,  concerns will be recorded at community meetings. The recorded items will then be entered into the Philly311 system by the liaison who will also be able to track the status of each request.

If you think you might be interested in learning more, email Dwight at dwight.wilson@phila.gov or visit the NLP Website. You can also call Philly311.

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