The Philly311 Mobile App: What You Might Not Know

The Philly311 Mobile App has realized over 10,000 downloads since its launch two months ago and we couldn’t be happier. We realize, however, that you still might not know everything about the actual app. Here’s some of the hidden gems to our new technology:

The app has a video widget that takes you straight to the PhillyMDO YouTube channel.

Here you’ll find footage of interviews, special events, press conferences, and launch videos like this one:


The app also includes a city directory which lists city officials along with a picture and bio.


There is an Emergency Call 911 button on the app. We hope you never need to use it, but it’s there.


You can view nearby requests on your app. The app will tap into your GPS and provide a list of requests made near your location.


The Mobile App has a mascot. His name is MOBI. You’ll can follow him on Twitter @MOBI311.

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