The MDO is Out!

PhillyMDO is excited to announce the release of our first weekly newsletter, The PhillyMDO Digest. The newsletter was created on platform and will be released every Thursday via our PhillyMDO Twitter account., as a technology, aggregates news stories and updates shared by a selected group of social media accounts.  These accounts are called “sources.” The user can then filter content from each source. After the sources have been filtered, publishes a page that resembles a newspaper.

PhillyMDO selected a number of MDO officials to make up its paper’s sources. (Managing Director @RichNegrin, Chief Customer Service Officer @RosettaLue, Chief Innovations Officer @AdelEbeid, and Chief Data Officer @MarkHeadd, just to name a few) Twitter handles for programs such as @philly311 and @phillyrising are also included as sources.

The final result is a weekly snapshot of all MDO programs and shared stories. We invite you to subscribe to our or at least keep a look out on Thursdays when a link will be shared on twitter. We hope you enjoy.

The PhillyMDO Digest can also be found at:


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