“How Can I Find L&I Information?” And Other FAQs From Last Week


Do you have a question for Philly311? Check out this list of FAQs from last week. The answer to your question could be right here.

Questions Regarding the Department of Licenses and Inspections

The Philly311 Mobile App added an L&I widget last week. If you download the mobile app, you can use the L&I function to report an issue or view property permits, licenses, violations, and appeals.

Philly311 agents are also able to check the statuses of licenses as well as answer a number of questions relating to your specific need/interaction with Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspections.

 Questions Regarding Public Housing

A person may apply for conventional public housing or Housing Choice.
Conventional public housing and Housing Choice are two separate programs requiring separate applications. Applications are accepted at 712 N. 16th Street, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Conventional public housing is a term given to groups of buildings located at one site.  Housing Choice is a program where applicants find apartments or houses owned by private landlords willing to rent under the program.  The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) pays directly for part of the rent, based on federal regulations.

You may check the status of your application by calling 215.684.4500.

 Questions Regarding Landlord/Tennant Issues

Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN) – Their mission is to advance and defend the rights and interests of tenants and homeless people.

TURN provides a full spectrum of services including tenant rights classes, hotline counseling, emergency grants, organizing assistance, rental assistance, housing placement assistance. For more information please contact:


1315 Walnut St,

3rd floor, Philadelphia, PA.


Questions Regarding Court Information

The Criminal Justice Center can be reached at 215.683.7004.

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