Managing Director Richard Negrin Speaks before HUD on Violence, Urban Development

December 04, 2012

Managing Director Richard Negrin spoke before a regional meeting for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He prepared remarks for the group, but decided to speak off the cuff in lieu of recent events. “A four year old was shot last night.” He told the group. “Under no circumstances should a gun be fired near a four-year old. Kids are dying in our streets and that’s why our work is important.”

Negrin made sure to highlight the areas in which Philadelphia thrives. He highlighted Philadelphia’s arts and culture, the booming technology community, and the mayor’s trip to our Chinese sister city, Tianjin. Negrin closed his remarks, however, with stressing how HUD plays an important role in Philadelphia’s growth. “It’s all about those kids. They’ve got their faces pressed against the glass of opportunity and we’ve got to break it open for them.”

Negrin spoke at the Wannamaker building which is home to one of HUD’s regional offices. HUD assists with issues such as Home Ownership  Fair Housing, Housing Discrimination, and Homelessness, among others. For more information on HUD, please visit

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