Mayor Nutter Establishes Fact-Finding Team to Explore Election Day Issues

Mayor Nutter announced today the establishment of a fact-finding team to explore the challenges the City of Philadelphia faced on this past Election Day.

“I want the most efficient, honest, and informative election process of anywhere in the United States,” Mayor Nutter said.

The team will be lead by Managing Director Richard Negrin. Among the other five team members are: Pastor Kevin Johnson of Bright Hope Baptist Church; Nicole Harrington of the Inspector General’s Office; Hope Caldwell, Deputy to the City Chief Integrity Officer; Jordan Schwartz, working under the Mayor’s Chief of Staff; and Terry Gillan, the City of Philadelphia’s liaison with the federal government.

The team will look into the accuracy and integrity of the voter roll system, the voter registration process, the production of voter registration books, poll worker training, and Election Day communication, among other issues.

The city commissioners have pledged to communicate with their staffs and work with the team throughout the process.

“When you have election issues, real or perceived, it chips away at public confidence. It’s great that we have the collaborative willingness of the city commissioners to make the election process better for the people of Philadelphia.” Negrin said after the press conference.

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