Last Week’s FAQs: What You’ll Need to Know


Different service requests require different information from the caller. Before you call Philly311, take a look at this list to make you have all of the information you’ll need.

Filing a complaint about lack of heat:

You’ll need to know:

An exact address

What type of heat in property (i.e. gas, electric, etc.)

How long the tenant/owner has been without heat

Owner’s name, address, and telephone number

Telephone caller’s name and phone number (To be kept confidential)

Filing a complaint about trash being set out too early:

The rubbish needs to on the curb at the time of the call. If it is not, the complaint cannot be filed.

Filing a complaint about a vacant home:

Please know that complaints about squatters should be directed to the police department.

You will need to provide your name and address, the property address of the vacant home, and a description of the problem.

Request for a rubbish/recycling pick-up:

Was the entire street missed or just you?

Was the trash set out at the curb or edge of the driveway during the regulated time? (Between 7PM the night before and 7AM the day of collection)

Was the trash under the allowed minimum? (4- 32-gallon receptacles or 8- 30x”37” bags of trash)

Was the trash legal household waste? Did each receptacle weigh less than 40 lbs?

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