Philly311 Mobile App Honored with Big Vision Award

“A city-government effort that’s quick, responsive and kinda cool? Yes, it exists, as of this year.”

That’s what City Paper wrote about the Philly311 Mobile App last week and we couldn’t agree more.  City Paper chose the app to receive one of its Big Vision Awards this year in the category of Government and Politics.

City Paper did not only write of the app’s functionality, but of its flexibility as well, one of the features the team is most proud of. During Hurricane Sandy, the app added FAQs specific for the storm; for Election Day, the app added a widget for polling locations and candidate information; the app recently added a License and Inspections function to look up specific property data. (None of these changes required an update for 10,000+ citizens who already downloaded the app)

Other Big Vision winners included: Onion Flats, for building energy efficient, low income housing; The 215 Literary Festival, and the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation, among others.

“It’s great to see this investment paying off and word spreading so quickly about the new way to engage City Government. We’re very excited to have received an award specifically focused on innovation!” said Tim Wisniewski, the Philly311 Mobile App’s project manager.

Chief Customer Service Officer and Director of Philly311 Rosetta Lue said, “Winning this award means a great deal to us but we’re still hungry. We’re excited to watch the app grow and evolve with the needs of the people. We’re excited for the app’s future.”

For the full story on the 311’s Big Vision Award, please visit:

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