Philly311 Receives Multicultural Recognition


Philly311 was featured on the front page of El Sol Philadelphia today. The Latino newspaper highlighted the work of Chief Customer Service Officer and 311 Director Rosetta Lue, Philly311’s countdown to 5,000,000 calls (about 12,000 calls to go) and the release of the Philly311 Mobile App.

What is to be celebrated here isn’t the front page coverage or the 4,900,000 calls. (Although both are great) But Philly311’s multicultural scope is something to be proud of. As Philadelphia is the home to many thriving cultures, a city-wide contact center should not cater to only one community. Philly311 accepts calls from almost every language and dialect. The Philly311 Mobile App’s next move is to also be completely functional for users of all languages.

Although the 311 service continues to evolve in its quest to reach every Philadelphian, the team is proud of all it has accomplished since its launch in 2008. Managing Director Richard Negrin spoke to El Sol about Rosetta Lue’s direction of the service:

“Rosetta has helped bring the City of Philadelphia to the forefront of municipal customer service nationwide. Her expertise, professionalism and inspirational leadership in the area of citizen engagement has helped city government be more responsive to our citizens in a way that has made a profound difference. This is not your grandfather’s 311 service, it is a modern, technology enabled, best in class service that is making a difference in peoples’ lives.”


For the online view of the EL Sol newspaper, please visit:

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