Who We Are: Charlene Cooper, Philly311 Agent and Professional Artist

Charlene Cooper is a Philly311 Call Center Agent by day and a professional artist by night.

Two weeks ago, Charlene was featured in “Art in City Hall” a showcase of artwork by City Hall employees.

“The program is pretty good because you never really know that so many employees have all of these hidden talents. Some of them are artists as a hobby and some of them are professional artists.” Charlene said.

Charlene has been an artist for her entire life. She paints and draws with pencils and pastels. While she can’t agree on her favorite medium, she can say that her favorite subject to portray is people.  Charlene sells her artwork online.

One of Charlene’s favorite pieces is a pencil drawing she calls “A Walk to Remember” which is a “walk through history” featuring Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Barrack Obama. Right now, Charlene is in communication with the White House Press Office to see is she can gift her piece to President Obama.

The Office of the Managing Director and Philly311 are both  proud of Charlene and everything she has accomplished. And although this blog post could continue on, we think it’s best to let her art speak for itself.

Picture 158

Picture 157

A Walk to Remember

(“A Walk to Remember” courtesy of Artist.com)


Charlene’s profile at Artist.com can be found at: http://artst.com/profile/CharTheArtist

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