Today’s Top 5 Service Requests: Street-Related Requests

The Philly311 team noticed that today’s top five service requests were all related to the Streets Department. Below you’ll find a list of our top five in addition to a list of tips for submitting a street-related service request.  Have a great day!

Today’s Top Five Service Requests:

  1. Traffic Signal Emergency
  2. Street Light Outage
  3. Sanitation Violation
  4. Missed trash/ Recycling
  5. Illegal Dumping

Tips for Submitting a Street-Related Service Request

  1. Most street-related requests can be placed through the Philly311 Mobile App.
  2. Requesting a sanitation violation will result in the issuance of a code violation. Other service requests will result in the Streets Department making a physical repair.
  3. Most service requests do not require an exact address. The Streets Department will usually take a 100-block or intersection.
  4. As always, the more information that is provided to Philly311, the easier it will be to fulfill the request. 

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