‘APPy Monday! Top 5 Requests Submitted by the Philly311 Mobile App, With Tips

Main Screen

We had a lot of requests submitted by the Philly311 Mobile App last week. Here’s a top 5 list of those requests, along with a few tips.

1 . Graffiti Removal

(Please know that the City can only remove 1st floor graffiti.)

2. Street Light Outage

(In the City systems, street lights are different than alley lights. Please do not report an alley light outage as a street light outage. If you have a broken alley light, we recommend calling 311 instead of using the app.)

3. Abandoned Automobile

The City waits at least 30 days after ticketing before actually removing a abandoned automobile.

4. Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping refers to waste that is inappropriately placed in the public right-of-way. This includes streets, parks, and other public property. If someone places his/her trash along side of your trash in the street, the complaint will be filed as Illegal Dumping. This complaint is handled by the Streets Department.

The term Matience Residential refers to waste being inappropriately placed in a private domain.

5. Vacant House

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