Managing Director Richard Negrin Speaks for Mayor at LEADERSHIP Philadelphia


Managing Director Richard Negrin spoke for Mayor Nutter at the LEADERSHIP Philadelphia Executive Program on Thursday 1/17. The program took place in City Hall.

Negrin spoke on his leadership experience, hailing from Aramark as Vice President of Associate General Counsel and a member of its Executive Leadership Board.

Negrin’s main talking point focused on “Service-centered Leadership” a concept he and Mayor Nutter try to lead by.

“If you’re not instantly engaged with you customers, employees or anyone you’re trying to serve, then you’re really missing the boat.”

He explained that while this concept heavily relates to the use of social media, it also relates to meaningful face-to-face interaction.

The conversation shifted from leadership to the City of Philadelphia’s core priorities: education and ending violence. “These are both connected,” Negrin said “How do we get that kid to give the gun back when somebody hands it to them? We have to provide them with better alternatives.”

Leadership Philadelphia is a non-profit organization that connects private-sector talent with community service. The non-profit offers an Executive Program and a Core Program to enhance “participants’ civic knowledge and awareness, and enrich their leadership skills.”

To learn more about LEADERSHIP Philadelphia, please visit:

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