Check Out the MDO’s New Website

In step with Mayor Nutter’s effort to revamp the City of Philadelphia’s web presence, the Managing Director’s Office unveiled its new site two weeks ago. The site now displays the MDO with its programs and services in a more dynamic, user-friendly way. Let’s walk through some of the features for the new site.

One of the newest features on the MDO homepage is the Notifications widget. Clicking on notifications will bring up a window featuring more information. Today’s notification, “Street Closures” includes information about upcoming events and the affected streets.


The homepage also includes two carousels, one across the top of the page to display current stories and announcements and one through the middle of the page that changes automatically to highlight the different programs within the MDO.

Scrolling down the page will bring you to links for Animal Control, Language Services, Philly Landworks, Mayor’s Goals, Staff Directory (with bios for senior staff members), Bouncer Certification and ways to connect with the MDO via social media handles.

At the top of the MDO site are links to some of its programs. The PhillyStat page includes information about the performance management program as well as a calendar for upcoming and past meetings.  The site also includes presentations and reports to show how each department is performing.


The PhillyRising page includes a map with a comprehensive list of targeted communities. This list links to a calendar of upcoming events for specific communities as well as an Action Plan and a list of community partners. The PhillyRising site displays videos for the program and a contact directory for its staff members.


The Special Events page features a calendar of upcoming events in Philadelphia as well as downloadable links for pertinent applications and permits.


The Global Philadelphia page offers a catalog of useful resources to international and non-English speaking members of the Philadelphia community. These resources include, but are not limited to, language services and important links for community resources.


The MDO invites you to check out its new website for yourself. If you would like to see the new homepage for the City of Philadelphia, click here. To see the Mayor’s new page, click here.

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