Who We Are: Caroline Olson

While it’s easy to write about awards and public accomplishments, we often don’t hear enough about the outstanding efforts made internally. That’s why this Thursday, we’re dedicating a blog post the MDO’s Caroline Olson, Deputy Managing Director of Organizational Development and Talent Management.

Caroline came to work for the City to strategically look at talent recruitment and retention as well as succession planning.

Succession planning is Caroline’s biggest project and it’s an important one.  As the Baby Boom Generation begins to retire, the City will lose a significant number of employees over the next four years. Planning for these open positions is an extensive process, involving training, development and knowledge management. (Referring to the retention of specific on-the-job knowledge)

“Unless you take that knowledge and leave it behind when you walk out, it goes with you; so it’s important to figure out how to capture that.” Caroline said.

Caroline has spent over twenty years working in talent recruitment, development and human resources, mostly based in the legal industry. What is more impressive than her resume, however, is her genuine passion for the job she is performing.

“It becomes beyond critical, especially when you’re talking about people in the health and opportunity sector, who provide healthcare, clinics and social work. You can’t have vacancies and holes because then our citizens just aren’t cared for.”

Caroline has been with the City for just over 6 months and has already made significant contributions stemming from her expertise and overall spirit. The MDO, and the City, is lucky to have her.

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