Center of Excellence launches Senior Team Model

Philadelphians don’t hear enough about what the city government is doing to improve its internal processes. One great example is through the recent launch of the Senior Team Model through the MDO’s Center of Excellence.

The Senior Team Model is a management tool designed to provide the MDO’s operating departments with a broader, more effective set of resources.

The idea behind the Senior Team Model is this: different functions can impact the operation of a business but not all of those functions exist inside of the business. The Senior Team Model places business partners from various functions on a senior team within MDO departments. These four business partners will represent: the Office of Innovation and Technology; the Office of Human Resources; Budget; and PhillyStat.

This Senior Team Model is not intended to solve tactical operational problems; it is intended to support interdepartmental coordination and support.  That means that if a department has a technology need, it will have a business partner from the Office of Innovation and Technology on its senior team that can help guide priorities, actions and communications between the two offices.

In addition the two business partners, each department will also have a designated, internal Customer Service Officer who will also sit on the senior team.

The MDO would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Center of Excellence team who worked hard to implement the Senior Team Model. This effort should create a more efficient and effective government, an important priority outlined in Mayor Nutter’s Strategic Goals for the City of Philadelphia.

More to come on the Senior Team Model as it gets underway…

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