The Philly311 Mobile App Team and the “Meeting”

At the end of 2012, City Paper recognized Philly311 with a Big Vision Award for its mobile app. Today, Managing Director Richard Negrin and Deputy Managing Director Rosetta Carrington Lue recognized the team who made the mobile app possible.

This recognition came as a surprise. For weeks the team had received reminders for a “Mandatory Meeting” although the purpose of the meeting was notspecified. Thus, when the 14+ attendees came into the conference room, they were each greeted by laminated copies of the City Paper article, a small trophy and a hand written note from Negrin.


Once everyone was seated, Negrin and Lue lauded the team for their innovation, their coordination and tenacity for seeing the project through its inception and into the hands of Philadelphia citizens.

The Philly311 Mobile App allows users to enter service requests straight from their smart phones. It also includes a map of nearby requests, city news and estimated response times. Perhaps the app’s biggest value, however, is in its flexibility. Since its September launch, the team has added a Hurricane FAQs widget (during Hurricane Sandy), an Election Day widget (including a polling locator and candidate information) and the ability to look up specific License and Inspections Property history, among other functionality.

This meeting was home to a two-fold surprise. After Negrin had thanked the attendees around the table, Lue presented Negrin with an award, too, for his innovative executive leadership.

At the end of the day, this “meeting” was meant to be celebratory, but the team did not entirely take part. Around the room, you could not hear much conversation about what they had accomplished—they tended to focus on what needed to accomplish. The team was committed and excited for their current projects, for the success of the future. And this was cause for the biggest celebration of all. More to come from this team…

Congratulations to…

  • Scott Liffman
  • Charletta Kidd
  • Brian Ivey
  • Clinton Johnson
  • Jennifer Brennan
  • Alex Dailerian
  • Tim Wisniewski
  • David G Wilson
  • Brian Abernathy
  • Jazelle Jones
  • Mark Cooper
  • Sheryl Johnson
  • Adel Ebeid
  • Andrey Mun
  • Mary Stitt

Click here to read City Paper’s Big Vision article on the Philly311 Mobile App.


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