Save the Date! #Philly311 Tweet Chat is Scheduled for March 18th at 6:00 pm

Since Mayor Nutter took office, customer service has become a priority for the Philadelphia city government. This priority led to the implementation of the Philly311 Contact Center, the Philly311 Mobile App and other efforts aimed at creating engaging customer service channels for Philadelphia constituents.

On March 18 at 6:00 pm, Philly311 will be sponsoring a Tweet Chat to discuss customer service in city government and how to create an engaging experience. We hope that this chat will facilitate a meaningful discussion between constituents and city officials to share wants, needs, solutions and ideas. Participating in the chat will be Deputy Mayor/Managing Director Richard Negrin (@RichNegrin) and Chief Customer Service Officer for the Managing Director’s Office, Rosetta Carrington Lue (@RosettaLue), among other city officials. 

Don’t know what a Tweet Chat is? You’re not alone. A Tweet Chat is a scheduled discussion on Twitter, brought together by a common hashtag. #Philly311’s Tweet Chat is scheduled for March 18. The Philly311 Twitter handle (@Philly311) will moderate the discussion through the following questions:

  1. How do you define customer service?
  2. Should a government’s customer service be implemented differently than private-sector customer service?
  3. How can a city government create an engaging customer experience?
  4. What services should a city government provide?
  5. How can social media be used to extend a city’s customer service?
  6. How can mobile technology be used to engage citizens?
  7. How can a city government reach citizens who do not have access to technology? (i.e. Internet; smart phones, etc.)

@Philly311 will introduce each question. When responding to each question add an “A” with the number of the question you are referring to. For example, if you are answering question five, put ‘A5’ in front of your tweet. All tweets need to have “#philly311” at the end to be included in the chat feed.

How to participate:

If you use a Twitter client like Tweetdeck, HootSuite or Seesmic Desktop, create a search column for the term ‘#Philly311’.  You can also participate in the chat by visiting

We hope to hear from you on March 18, 2013!

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