Meet Philly311 Mobile App Super User Al Girard


Meet Al Girard

He’s a Philly311 Mobile App super user.

That means that he enters more service requests through the mobile app than almost any other user. We’re happy to have him on our team!

Al is also a Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison. Through this role, he records neighborhood issues and enters service requests through his individual account. He can also track the status of each request and relay the information back to concerned members of his community.

Al’s Neighborhood Liaison account connects with his mobile app—now he’s on the go, entering requests and bettering his community faster than ever.

Al’s favorite part about the app is the ability to attach pictures. He also loves the fact that the app sends a follow-up email so that he can provide feedback.

Al is a champion for 311—he tries to tell as many people about the mobile app as possible.  He told us that most people haven’t heard of the app but when they learn about what it can do, they download it on the spot.

Thank you, Al, for your use of 311 and for your passion for your community. We could use more community heroes like you!

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