The #Philly311 Tweet Chat Highlight Reel

If you weren’t aware, Philly311 held a tweet chat tonight. This twitter discussion, hosted by Deputy Mayor/ Managing Director Richard Negrin and MDO Chief Customer Service Officer Rosetta Carrington Lue, focused on customer service and citizen engagement in city government.  Participating in the chat was a mix of city officials and citizens who wanted to share ideas, find solutions and collaborate towards a better city. The chat included questions such as:

How do you define customer service?

How can a city government create an engaging customer experience?

How can social media be used to extend a city’s customer service?

How can mobile technology be used to engage citizens?

How can a city government reach citizens who do not have access to technology? (i.e. Internet; smart phones, etc.)

The chat was a success. Over the course of one hour, we saw 180 tweets through 71 users. (Not bad for our first time) Add those numbers to a thoughtful, probing discussion about citizen engagement and it is easy to see why tonight was so productive. Here is a highlight reel from the discussion:












We cannot thank everyone enough for their participation and commitment to improving our city. Here’s to innovation, open dialogue and improving the City of Philadelphia…

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