Customer Service Officer Program has Officially Kicked-Off!

Customer service has been a priority for Philadelphia City government since Mayor Nutter took office.  This priority has held true throughout the Managing Director’s Office. In 2011, managing director Richard Negrin appointed Rosetta Carrington Lue as the chief customer service officer. Soon after, the Customer Service Officers Program was developed.

Yesterday, the CSO Program held its kick-off orientation.

Through the program, each administrative department under the Managing Director’s Office appoints a customer service officer. This officer works with the chief customer service officer and the other appointed CSO’s to establish a culture of customer service excellence within his or her department.

Each customer service officer will be formally trained by Rosetta Carrington Lue and attend regular meetings with internal and external business partners who will offer guidance and resources. To measure customer service excellence, the CSO Program will use comprehensive criteria derived from the Baldridge Award, created by Congress in 1987.

Through the CSO Program, key administrative departments within the City of Philadelphia will have unified, measurable goals to offer customer service excellence. This effort will improve internal processes, inter-departmental coordination and interaction between citizens and city government. The CSO Program is an exciting, important step forward for the City of Philadelphia. Stay tuned for updates…

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