The #Philly311NLP Tweet Chat is Scheduled for April 18th at 7:00pm

In 2009, Rosetta Carrington Lue led the Philly311 team in the implementation of the Neighborhood Liaison Program, a platform for neighbors to unify, express concerns and improve their communities. Through this program, volunteers are trained as members of the Philly311 team, allowing them to personally enter and track requests in the 311 system. Since 2009, the Neighborhood Liaison Program has seen hundreds of volunteers and entered requests. Just as important, however, it has seen the emergence of community heroes who have become influential, committed stewards of their neighborhoods.

On April 18th at 7:00pm, the Philly311 NLP will be sponsoring a tweet chat between city officials and constituents to share ideas on how city government  can empower community heroes and their neighborhoods. Leading this chat will be Deputy Mayor/ Managing Director Rich Negrin (@RichNegrin) and Deputy Managing Director Rosetta Carrington Lue (@Rosettalue). 

If you are not in the know about tweet chats, don’t worry, the concept is simple: a tweet chat is a scheduled discussion on twitter linked together by a common hash tag. Starting at 7:00pm, the Twitter handle, @Philly311 will begin to introduce the questions below with the hashtag (#Philly311NLP) at the end of each tweet. To participate, log onto Twitter on your computer or phone and type  #Philly311NLP into your search box. When answering, make sure to specify what question you are responding to and add the #Philly311NLP to the end of your tweet. 

Discussion Questions for the #Philly311NLP Tweet Chat:

  1. How do you define a “community hero”?
  2. How can city government empower community heroes?
  3. What can neighborhoods do to keep their communities safe and clean?
  4. The Philly311 Mobile App now translates to 16 different languages. How could this help unify neighborhoods?
  5. How can the city’s youth be inspired to keep their communities safe and clean?
  6. How should the city government communicate its services to Philadelphians without access to technology?

See you all on the 18th! 

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