Announcing: PhillyRising’s S.T.A.R. Program

By: Bennie Ruth

PhillyRising LogoPhillyRising is constantly striving to find new ways to improve the community. Its newest initiative is the S.T.A.R. program, a communication tool designed to provide an alignment of goals, transparency of efforts, and a focus on results. The S.T.A.R. program will help Philadelphia residents and the PhillyRising Collaborative to accomplish more—together—by using a formalized, standard reporting tool that allows all constituents to speak a common language.

The meaning of the acronym S.T.A.R is as follows:

Situation: We want to know the problem in full detail.

Task: What needs to be done and what tools or supplies are needed.

Action: We need to know who, when and where concerning the problem.

Result: What is the desired outcome you want and what does success look like to you.

This program is not limited to one kind of concern. It can be used for every problem in the community such as: education, youth, employment and quality of life.

Bennie Ruth is PhillyRising’s Southwest Divison Coordinator.For more information on the S.T.A.R. Program, contact Bennie at

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