A Discussion Grows in Temple

Temple Tweet 3

Why are these two tweets worth a blog post? Because early last evening at Temple University you could have found Frisbee catches and sunbaths and picnic blankets spread out in the warm weather, but you also could have found a meaningful discussion on urban violence and how to prevent it.

Managing Director Rich Negrin spoke to a Temple University Urban Violence class last night about the Philly311 Mobile App, the PhillyRising initiative and gun violence. The biggest take-away from the discussion, without a doubt,  was the engagement level. When the topic turned to violence, heads perked up—hands raised—the students wanted to know what was being done to make their city safer. But it wasn’t a one-sided discussion; students were also quick to share their opinion on solutions.

Last night’s tweets were worthy of a blog post because they exemplify the kind of engagement and spirit needed in the City of Philadelphia. They exemplify hope for the future. Thank you to the students for their thoughtful discussion and commitment to the community.

If you would like to share your ideas on how city government can improve our city’s neighborhoods, participate in our #Philly311 Tweet Chat on 4/18 at 7:00 hosted by Managing Director @RichNegrin and Deputy Managing Director @RosettaLue. Every great idea helps!

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