Who We Are: Sheryl Johnson


We spend a lot of time hearing about Philly311’s external efforts such as the mobile app, but we rarely hear about the internal efforts behind the service. Today, we’d like to highlight the work of Sheryl Johnson, Philly311’s Operations Manager.

So what does an operations manager at Philly311 do?

A lot. Philly311 takes in an average of 1.2 million calls each year and, although telephone is the most popular way for citizens to connect with 311, it’s just one of a long list of channels to connect with the service. With an operation that robust, there’s a lot to manage.

As the operations manager, Sheryl oversees the 311 operation with a staff of over 60 employees, manages performance, customer satisfaction surveys and continually looks for ways to enhance the customer experience.  She is the advocate that echoes the collective voice of the customer and ensure their concerns, issues and feedback are heard by the right people.  As the leader of the group that acts as the liaison between customers and City government each day brings new challenges and insights. 

Her experience in private, public, non-profit and start up organizations brings the right mix of skills need to manage such a dynamic operation.  When asked about what she liked most about her job, Sheryl responded, “My job is unique in that I get to make a difference in people’s lives and get real-time feedback on how well I’m doing. I love having the chance to make Philadelphian’s lives easier.”

 The Managing Director’s Office would like to sincerely thank Sheryl for her work with Philly311 which received its 5,000,000th call last December. Here’s to 6,000,000, Sheryl!

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