#Philly311NLP Tweet Chat Highlight Reel

If you didn’t hear, Philly311 sponsored another tweet chat last night with guest hosts Managing Director Rich Negrin and Deputy Managing Director Rosetta Carrington Lue. The chat’s 6 discussion questions focused on the Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison Program and how city government can help empower community heroes. We’re proud to say that the tweet chat was a success. Throughout the night, the #Philly311NLP hashtag was tweeted 244 times by 67 users. By question 5, #Philly311NLP was trending on Twitter in Philadelphia.

More impressive than the stats, however, was the meaningful conversations the chat produced. The tweet chat was designed to facilitate a brainstorm of sorts between city officials and constituents– and it did. Through the course of the hour we heard innovative ideas on the city’s youth can become more engaged in their community, about how neighborhoods can stay safe, and what city government can do about it.

Last night’s tweet chat was an exercise in government accessibility and citizen engagement. It was an important excise as every Philadelphian deserves to share their ideas on how to improve our city. Please enjoy a highlight reel from the chat last night via Storify. We hope to see you at the next one.

  1. 1. A community hero is someone who serves to make their neighborhood safe & friendly. They help lead society to do good! #Philly311NLP
  2. A community hero is someone who is able to observe, assess & help find solutions for problems in their community #Philly311NLP
  3. A1. Someone who has a vested interest to partner with others & use available resources to help improve their community. #Philly311NLP
  4. Q2: How can city government empower community heroes? #Philly311NLP
  5. A2. We can empower community heroes by being present, engaged, accessible and committed to #Service centered #leadership. #Philly311NLP
  6. @philly311 Q2. Local gov should continue to streamline systems, make it easy for citizens to participate in revitalization #Philly311NLP
  7. Q3: What can neighborhoods do to keep their communities safe and clean? #Philly311NLP
  8. @philly311 having a sense of accountability and respect for their community. #Philly311NLP
  9. #philly311NLP A-3 report crime 2 @PhillyPolice and blight to @philly311 using the new app. Find like-minded neighbors ORGANIZE!
  10. A3. Communities should gather together on a regular basis. This doesn’t have to be a formal meeting. Does anyone agree? #Philly311NLP
  11. Q4: The Philly311 Mobile App now translates to 16 different languages. How could this help unify neighborhoods? #Philly311NLP
  12. #Philly311NLP I think us as the community heroes can get out and spread the word about different community clean up going on around the city
  13. 4. Creates a common ground for understanding people’s questions and concerns #Philly311NLP
  14. #philly311NLP A-4 shop owners who speak English as 2nd language shld b trained on @philly311 App 2 use as tool become assets fighting blight
  15. Q5: How can the city’s youth be inspired to keep their communities safe and clean? #Philly311NLP
  16. A5. How to get the youth inspired? Ask them for their feedback! Get them involved early in the process. #Philly311NLP
  17. Contact community groups working w/youth, go to schools, meet them in their comfort zones & invite them to urs @RyanBirchmeier #philly311NLP
  18. Q6: How should the city government communicate its services to Philadelphians without access to technology? #Philly311NLP
  19. A6. We need to tell the neighbors who others trust most, and ask them to spread the word #CEA #Philly311NLP
  20. @philly311 A6. This has to go back to the old way. Flyers. Posters. Canvassing teams. Block Captains. #Philly311NLP
  21. Community events, picnics in their parks, standing on their street corners with lemonade and smiles, people do care @philly311 #Philly311NLP
  22. A6. Don’t have access to tech? Attend community mtgs, use @PhillyKEYSPOTS portals, call @philly311 or visit walkin ctr #philly311nlp
  23. Tonight’s #Philly311NLP chat saw 244 tweets; 67 users; 53,669; reach 442,840 impressions. Thanks everyone!

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