Bring Your Child to Work Day

By: Leigh-amber Smalls 


Last Thursday was national “Bring Your Child to Work Day”. Philly311 embraced the day with a host of activities for all of the youth in attendance. Their day began promptly at 8:00am with introductions and mock interviews. The rest of the day consisted of guest speakers such as Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Managing Director Richard Negrin Esq., Fire Lt. Green, and Chief Customer Service Officer Rosetta Carrington Lue. In addition to listening to speeches, the children were able to do question and answer sessions.  A candid conversation with the managing director took place with the children asking him everything from education to football.

ImageThe kids also participated in mock 311 phone calls with 311 agents and sat with their parents while on calls. This gave them a real idea of what it is like to walk in the shoes of their parents. As the weather was so nice, the day also consisted of several impromptu games in the city hall courtyard. All-in-all, 311 enjoyed educating our sons and daughters throughout the day and would like to especially thank Amanda Loonstyn, Maria Gans, the entire Recognition Committee and all of our little 311 agents for making the day such a success. 






Leigh-amber Smalls is an Assistant Programs Coordinator at Philly311.


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