MOBI311 Goes to Kidney Day of Action and Shares a Philly311 Mobile App Tip


MOBI, our Philly311 Mobile App, attended Philadelphia’s Kidney Action Day outside of the Municipal Services Building last Friday. In his attendance, MOBI hopped around to each tent to tell Philadelphia residents about his tools: the ability to send service requests, look up property history, view nearby requests and communicative with city government in sixteen different languages. For more information on MOBI, follow him on Twitter @MOBI311.

On a similar note, we have received questions from users asking for clarification on how to send service requests through the mobile app. Below, we’ve provided a “How-to” guide on sending a service request through the Philly311 Mobile App. Happy apping!

To send a request, press the New Request button. It will take you here:

You’ll want to Choose a Request Type. Press the arrow to choose from the list of request types.

After you’ve chosen the type of request, you can press Title to type a title for your request (i.e. “Broken Street Light”). Press Description if you’d like to add more detail to your request.

Your location will be found based on your phone’s GPS. If you would like to change the address, select the current address and type out the one that applies to the request.

After you’ve typed everything out, you’ll need to make a few decisions. Would you like to add a picture to your request? If so, press Add Photo. Your phone will prompt you on where to go from there.

You’ll also need to decide whether you would like to make your request public or private. This decision can be made after clicking on the lock icon next to the paper clip.

Once you’re satisfied with your request, press the Submit button in the top right corner of the screen.

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