City of Philadelphia Releases Polling Place Locator

The City of Philadelphia today released a polling location finder through its existing Philly311 Mobile App to assist voters in finding their polling locations for the upcoming election.

Philly311 Polling Locator

Users with the Philly311 app installed on their smart phone or mobile device will see the new app “widget” as of today. Other users can download the Philly311 app here.

This new app, developed in-house by the Office of Innovation and Technology with the assistance of the City Commissioner’s office, can be used in advance of the upcoming election on Tuesday, May 21st to find polling locations and review a sample ballot for the election. The source code for this mobile application, and the polling location data that powers it is available to the public through the City of Philadelphia’s GitHub account.

In addition, polling locations are also available to voters through the City’s central mapping portal. Using any standard web browser, voters can enter their home address to find the location where they can vote in the upcoming election.

Today’s release underscores the city’s commitment to making useful data available to residents, as well extending the functionality and reach of the Philly311 mobile app – the premiere 311 app in the nation and a key asset in Philadelphia’s citizen engagement efforts.

6010343fbae51171161e510c8ed2f3b7Mark Headd is the City of Philadelphia’s Chief Data Officer. Follow him on Twitter @mheadd.

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