“Top of the Class” Graduates Celebrate at City Hall

Philly Rising's Amanda Finch volunteers at PhillyGoes2College's Top of the Class Parade

Yesterday, the City Hall courtyard played host to a rambunctiously-loud, deservingly-proud group of high school graduates at the “Top of the Class.”

Sponsored by PhillyGoes2College, an program within the Mayor’s Office of Education, the second annual Top of the Class Parade invited over 1,000 graduating high school seniors with at least a B grade average to march down Broad Street in a parade celebrating their academic success.

Led by Mayor Nutter, the Top of the Class graduating procession began at 13th and Pine Streets, marched up Broad street and ended at City Hall. Once all of the graduates reached the courtyard, a ceremony took place featuring speeches from Mayor Nutter, Superintendent Hite, Chief Education Officer Lori Shorr and Barbara Mattleman, Director of PhillyGoes2College. But the most exciting aspect of the ceremony was the $5,000 scholarship awarded to a selected essay winner and tickets to sporting events from the Mayor’s VIPs (Very Impressive Performers) program.


The Top of the Class celebration of academic excellence would not have been possible without the Mayor’s Office of Education and the gracious number of volunteers such as PhillyRising’s Amanda Finch and Elisa Stroh. We cannot forget, however, that there could not be a parade for academic excellence if there were no students to be academically excellent.

Congratulations to all of the graduating seniors. #PhillyGoes2College

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