Managing Director Rich Negrin Honored with Essence of Fatherhood Award

Rich Negrin winning an Essence of Fatherhood Award

The Managing Director’s Office had a particularly special Father’s Day as Managing Director Rich Negrin was honored with an Essence of Fatherhood Award by the Father’s Day Rally Committee.  Held at the Enterprise Center at 45th and Market, the Annual Fatherhood Awards Reception celebrates both local and national role models for young fathers.

On winning the award, Negrin said, “I was humbled to receive the Essence of Fatherhood Award and blessed that I could share the experience with my family. The award made Father’s Day weekend even more special for us this year.”

Negrin attended the ceremony with six of his family members in support.

Other 2013 Essence of Fatherhood  honorees included: R. Donahue Peebles, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Peebles Corporation; Carvin Haggins, Grammy Award-winning songwriter; and Malik Rose, Championship-winning NBA player.

The Father’s Day Rally Committee was established in 1989. In a statement from FDRC’s President Bilal A. Qayyum, the committee is “committed to work every day to build strong independent men and fathers who will always put their children and community first as a matter of principled commitment.”

The Managing Director’s Office would like to extend well-deserved congratulations to all of the 2013 winners of Essence of Fatherhood Award.

For more information on the Father’s Day Rally Committee, its annual events or opportunities to get involved, visit:

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