Who We Are: Welcoming Edward Garcia to the Center of Excellence

PhillyStat's Edward Garcia
PhillyStat’s Edward Garcia

While the Philadelphia municipality certainly has enough programs and initiatives to positively impact the city, these efforts would be nothing if not for the passionate people behind them.

The Managing Director’s Office would like to welcome Edward Garcia, one of the Center of Excellence’s newest additions. Substantively, Garcia works as a PhillyStat analyst and comes with the passion that’s necessary to propel our city forward.

PhillyStat is the City’s performance management system that tracks and measures the Mayor’s 5 Strategic Goals as well as the performance of individual departments.

“It’s energizing to work for PhillyStat. Our tool gives great insight into what the city is doing. It’s a better means of management because it’s truly efficient and transparent to our city government,” Garcia said.

Edward has spent most of his professional life improving our city. Prior to joining PhillyStat, Garcia worked for the nonprofit, Congreso De Latinos Unidos, initially to measure outcomes as Manager of Data and Evaluation. Then, as Vice President of Children and Youth Services at Congreso, Garcia worked to create quality opportunities for youth to achieve their educational goals and start successful careers.

Personally, Garcia is committed to improving education for Philadelphians and seeing the city become the greenest and most sustainable in America—two passions perfectly fitting for PhillyStat analysts. (These passions coincide with Mayor Nutter’s Strategic Goals “Two” and “Four” respectively)

“I want Philadelphia to become a greener city. It’s cool because it’s not just going to have short term outcomes. We’re working internally to have long-term outcomes,” Garcia said.

Away from the PhillyStat sessions, Garcia does everything he can to go “paperless” and is excited about the growing bike share movement in the city.

The MDO welcomes  both Edward and his passion for improving Philadelphia—both will be  invaluable additions to the team.

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