5 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Partner with Philly311

Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison Program

Philly311 is always looking to expand its community engagement efforts.  While Neighborhood Liaison training sessions are offered once a month in the City’s Municipal Services Building (as well as other locations across the city), the Philly311 team knows that most citizens would prefer information and training and sessions offered in their own neighborhoods on a regular basis. Thus, Philly311 is looking for more organizations and engaged citizens to connect with, educate and empower. The end goal of these efforts is for every Philadelphia neighborhood to have active liaisons who use Philly311 to connect with the city government, keeping their communities safe and clean.

Need convincing on why your organization should partner with Philly311? Here are 5 great reasons:

1)      No Commitment—Inviting a Philly311 Community Engagement Coordinator to your organization’s meeting only means that the coordinator will attend, record neighborhood concerns and connect with members. Inviting a coordinator to a regular meeting is a great way to gauge interest on whether members would find a Philly311 presentation useful.

2)      Make City Government Personal—Philly311 and the Philadelphia City government are more than just a telephone number.  A Philly311 Community Engagement Coordinator can put a face to the city government and answer specific questions or concerns for your members.

3)      Educate Your Organization—Working with city government can be confusing or even frustrating if you don’t understand the process. Hosting a presentation for your organization’s members can help better educate them on how to best utilize city services.

4)       Empower Your Organization—Should members of your organization choose to become neighborhood liaisons, they’ll be given individual accounts to directly enter requests into the City’s work systems. From there, liaisons can also track the status of requests and follow-up if needed. Personalized accounts give your organization a unified and empowered voice to address your neighborhood’s concerns.

5)       Establish a Relationship with Philly311—After establishing a relationship with a Philly311 Community Engagement Coordinator, your organization will be able to host regular Neighborhood Liaison training sessions in your neighborhood. This will ensure that community members of all ages have the chance to become neighborhood liaisons. It will also ensure that your organization will have the most up-to-date information on Philly311’s services.  

To connect with a Philly311 Community Engagement Coordinator, contact Daniel Ramos at 267.319.2158/ Daniel.ramos@phila.gov

You can also follow @Philly311 or @311NLP on Twitter.

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