10 Ways the Philly311 Mobile App Can Make Your Neighborhood More Beautiful

Philly311 Mobile App

The Philly311 Mobile App is a robust application, allowing users to interact with City government through service requests, videos, specialized widgets and much more. Although the app includes a wide variety of offerings, one of its most popular and effective uses is for neighborhood beautification. With the ability to attach photos and personalized descriptions with service requests, the app can be used to clean-up, fix or remove some of your neighborhood’s most unpleasant-looking concerns. Below is a list of 10 specific service requests that you can enter through the app to make your community look more beautiful than ever. (For our post about how to enter a service request on the mobile app, click here.)

  1. Graffiti Removal. Take a picture of graffiti on the first floor of a building or any other permanent surface.
  2. Illegal Dumping. Is someone dumping trash or other rubbish on the street or sidewalk? Enter an illegal dumping request with the mobile app. NOTE: Do NOT enter an illegal dumping request for vacant lots.
  3. Maintenance Commercial. Enter this kind of service request for an interior or exterior code violation for an occupied commercial building.
  4. Maintenance Residential. Enter this kind of request for an interior or exterior code violation for an occupied residential building.
  5. Pothole Repair. A pothole repair request can be used for any irregularly shaped hole in the street.
  6. Vacant Lot Clean-up. Is there a vacant lot in your neighborhood with no building? Enter this kind of service request for a trash or weeds clean-up.
  7. Abandoned Automobile. For a car that is undrivable or has expired registration and is parked on a City street for 72 hours, enter this kind of request.
  8. Rubbish Collection. If your trash was missed on collection day, wait until 7PM to enter this request.
  9. Vacant House. Enter this service request for a vacant residential building in your neighborhood.
  10. Park Conditions. Use this type of request to report safety or maintenance issues with your neighborhood’s park.

With these 10 types of service requests, you can help your neighborhood become the most beautiful in the city by simply using your smart phone. Please share this list with your neighbors, neighborhood community organizations or anyone else who would like to make their neighborhood more beautiful. The app can be downloaded here.

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