Philly311 Releases Language Assistance Widget

langwidgetPhiladelphia is a diverse and multicultural city, and City government offers great resources to immigrants and Limited English Proficient (LEP) residents. The Managing Director’s Office has spearheaded initiatives that recognize Philadelphia’s multicultural identity such as Global Philadelphia, a language access program which offers translation, interpretation services, and cultural capacity training to City agencies, and Philly311, which provides customer service regardless of the language you speak thanks to its bilingual staff and language access line.

More recently, we have established the new Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs (MOIMA), which seeks to promote the well-being of immigrant communities by lowering access barriers to city resources and services, and encouraging civic participation among LEP communities, among other efforts. And we have begun to extend the reach of these efforts through technology, providing the Philly311 Mobile App in 16 languages, and translating the AVI Calculator to the top 5 languages.

Today, we are adding a new widget to the Philly311 Mobile App called Language Assistance. It provides:

  • Frequently asked questions about 311 and interacting with City agencies
  • Information about language services provided by the City such as interpretation and document translation
  • Community resources such as the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians and the Pennsylvania Immigrant and Citizenship Coalition
  • Information about the new Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs
  • A language access card to display to City employees
  • A message from Mayor Nutter

This information is available in English plus the 5 most requested languages: Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), and Vietnamese, along with instructions on requesting the information in other languages. Because it’s provided on the translated Philly311 Mobile App, users can access this information in their language from start to finish!

We are an international city, and as a local government we have the responsibility – and privilege – to serve and engage all our residents, regardless of national origin or English proficiency. We’re doing this in many ways both through services and technology. This translated widget, provided on this translated app, helps “close the loop” in getting the word out.

Check it out by downloading the Philly311 Mobile App in the app store today!

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