Customer Service Officers Program Update: Change Management

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Earlier this week, the City’s Customer Service Officers met with the Chief Customer Service Officer (me) and Managing Director Rich Negrin to provide an update on their progress in the Customer Service Officers Program. (This meeting was really about change management.)

*If you’re not up-to-date on the process of the CSO Program, check out the last paragraph of this post for an overview*

Although each CSO was in a different part of the process for the meeting with me and the Managing Director, the discussion-based update was productive for a few reasons:

  • First, each CSO was able to share his or her feedback received from customer focus groups. The supportive, creative environment allowed for CSO’s to share similar feedback (negative or positive) and discuss possible solutions. Such a discussion is a must before creating a customer service plan.
  • Second, the CSO’s were able to personally receive support and encouragement from their leaders. As any new implementation meets impediments (whether it’s through pushback, lack of resources, etc.) it’s always a key motivator for employees to know that their boss and their project lead has their support. Although communicated, this meeting verbalized the support to hopefully give our CSO’s the motivation they need to develop and fully implement their customer service plans.

As implementing customer service plans across departments will naturally cause changes to processes and behaviors, we needed to support our CSO’s in their change journey. Through this meeting, we were able to maximize our communication about the process and the end-goals of the program as well as celebrate the success of their hard work thus far.

If you have a minute, watch this great video on change management and the 5 crucial steps to leading through change.

Do you agree with our approach? I would love to hear your feedback on our progress in the Customer Service Officers Program and our methods to effectively manage change.


CSO Program Overview

Through the Customer Service Officers Program, departmental CSO’s work with the Center of Excellence within the Managing Director’s Office to conduct customer focus groups. After approximately 5 sessions of feedback from internal and external customers, the CSOs begin to develop actual customer service plans for their specific departments. As part of the customer service plan, CSOs meet with their department’s designated PhillyStat analyst to determine customer service performance metrics specific to their department. Once an actionable customer service plan is in place, CSO’s speak to their department’s customer service performance at quarterly PhillyStat meetings. Such an effort brings a knowledgeable, customer-centric employee to ensure customer service excellence within their department.

0a87dc88be2bd3c4377aed9a2380550eRosetta Carrington Lue is the Chief Customer Service Officer and Senior Advisor to the City of Philadelphia’s Managing Director. Follow Rosetta on Twitter @Rosettalue or visit her blog at

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