Customer Service Officers Highlight: Tracey Bryant

As the Managing Director’s Office’s Customer Service Officers Program is well underway, its necessary to highlight the committed public servants who have volunteered their time to ensure customer service excellence in their departments. These Customer Service Officers have conducted focus groups and developed customer service plans so that city government can provide an outstanding level of service to both internal customers and every Philadelphia citizen. Please enjoy the highlight of CSO Tracey Bryant.


Tracey Bryant

Tracey is a Hiring Services Manager in the Office of Human Resources. She has over ten years of hiring services experience that ranges from exam development, classification and compensation, training, recruitment, employee engagement, and policy development to improve hiring services. She currently manages the Public Works Group which is responsible for providing hiring services for the Philadelphia Water Department, Philadelphia International Airport, Streets Department, Licenses and Inspections and several other client departments. As a Customer Service Officer, Tracey has worked with HR Managers, and various division heads in the City of Philadelphia to help improve the customer experience for the hiring process.

Checkout the latest update on the Customer Service Officers Program.

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