Philly311 Mobile App Hack: Potholes vs. Ditches

One of the most common mistakes made when entering a service request through the Philly311 Mobile App is confusing a pothole with a ditch.  The distinction between the two is important because the requests are handled in entirely different ways. Here are the key differences between potholes and ditches: 

Potholes are bowl-shaped openings that usually have raveled edges and can be up to 10 inches deep. They occur when the top layer or asphalt surface of the roadway has worn away, exposing the concrete base.

Ditches are rectangular excavations in the roadway. These cuts are made by utilities and plumbers to reach underground lines. The contractors are responsible for filling the ditch and paving it temporarily. If a ditch is not back-filled properly, it will wash out or sink in, leaving a large hole. The Streets Department is responsible for permanently restoring Water and Plumber Ditches. Other utilities, like PGW, make permanent repairs to their own ditches. Once the Water Department or plumber completes their temporary restoration, as listed above, the Highways Division schedules a permanent repair to the roadway between April and November.

Philly311 Mobile App Pothole




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One thought on “Philly311 Mobile App Hack: Potholes vs. Ditches

  1. Who knew? Excellent information that residents will find useful. It empowers residents and presents them with a stronger sense of ownership over their streets.

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