Check Out the Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison Location Map



Philly311 recently launched a map of Neighborhood Liaisons locations throughout Philadelphia. With the help of GIS Intern Bobby Lu, the map shows how widespread the program has become. Most notably, it shows that clusters of liaisons are not only located in center city or in one particular neighborhood; the 700+ liaisons  are, for the most part, evenly distributed throughout the city.  (Note: the map only shows 500+ liaison locations. The remainder of the locations were not shared with Philly311)

This map is just one example of Philly311’s digital engagement efforts. Most recently, Philly311 released a “How to Use the Philly311 Mobile App” video:

While more digital engagement efforts are in the works (i.e. more “how-to” videos) Philly311 has also been releasing a number of educational blog posts to help citizens and liaisons use better use the 311 system:

How to Add More than One Picture to a Service Request

How to Enter a Service Request

 Philly311 Tip: Maintenance Residential vs. Illegal Dumping 

Have another idea for how Philly311 can better teach citizens about the system? Let us know in the comments.


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