Happy One Year Annivsary to the Philly311 Mobile App!

MOBI311, the Official Philly311 Mobile App Mascot

MOBI311, the Official Philly311 Mobile App Mascot

Last Friday, the Philly311 Mobile App celebrated its one year anniversary. While it’s hard to believe that the press conference with Mayor Nutter took place one year ago, it’s even harder to believe how much the mobile app has evolved to meet citizens needs since that time. Let’s take a look at the mobile app’s progression in its first year of bringing city services to our city’s smart phones.

September 13, 2012: The Mobile App is announced with a press conference.

October 29, 2012: Hurricane Sandy hits. The Philly311 Mobile App is the 33rd most downloaded app in the iTunes store with the addition of the “Hurricane FAQ” widget.

November 5, 2012: The Election Day widget is added giving users the ability to find their polling location, research candidates and view voting rules and regulations.

November 30, 2012: The Licenses and Inspections widget is released giving mobile app users the ability to enter an address and view specific property history.

January 25, 2013: The  Code Blue widget is released. This provides users with lists of resources and phone numbers for the extreme winter weather.

March 22, 2013: The Mobile App gains the functionality to dynamically translate to 17 different languages (including English). It is the first app of its kind to do so.

May 16, 2013: The Philly311 Widget Contest is announced. The contest called for user-designed widgets to be added to the app. (An after school programs widget won the contest)

July 8th, 2013: The Excessive Heat widget is released to provides users with a list of cooling centers and spray grounds as well as other resources to cope with the extreme heat.

July 12th, 2013: The Language Assistance App is released, helping non-English speaking residents learn about language services and community resources through the Philly311 Mobile App.

Through all of the adaptations, the widgets and the over 15,000 downloads, the mobile app team’s efforts were validated by a number of awards and nominations:

  • City Paper Big Vision Award
  • MDO Customer Engagement Award
  • MDO Excellence in Project Management Award
  • The PTI Technical Award
  • Philadelphia Geek Award Nominee
  • Savvy Award from 3CMA Nominee

While it’s been a busy year, the team is even more excited to innovate and expand the app’s functionality in the coming year. That means if you haven’t downloaded the Philly311 Mobile App already, it’s time to get to it. There’s much more to come. (Click here to download)

Thanks for a great year everyone!

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