Did you know about Philly311’s City Hall Walk-in Center?


Philly311’s Myisha Upshur

Have you ever been lost in City Hall? Have you ever been in center city and had a question about municipal services? While a wide-range of content has been published about 311’s telephonic services and mobile app, not many people know that there is a Philly311 Walk-in Center located in City Hall Room 167.

Equipped with two Philly311 agents, the Philly311 Walk-in Center offers every service as the 3-1-1 phone number. Customers can enter service requests, ask general questions or receive directory assistance from the agents behind the counter. The Walk-in Center is also a great place to stop-by if you’re unsure of how to get to a certain room in City Hall.

Most recently the center became home to three computers (sponsored by the Office of Human Resources) where customers can look-up and apply for city government jobs. Among other amenities is a “tourism board” with dozen of brochures on Philadelphia’s historical sites, museums and tours; a television playing Mayor Nutter’s press conferences and other City-related media; and a language-line for non-English speaking customers in need of 311’s services.

Did you know about Philly311’s Walk-in Center? Have you used the center before? Let us know in the comments or drop by next time you’re near City Hall!




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