City of Philadelphia’s Innovation Highlighted at PTI Conference

Managing Director Rich Negrin showed a PhillyInnovates featuring Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid during his keynote speech at PTI

Managing Director Rich Negrin showed a PhillyInnovates video featuring Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid during his keynote speech at PTI

The Public Technology Institute has long been a friend of the City of Philadelphia. The institute’s 2013 Conference “Smart Cities and Counties: Making the Connection” reflected this relationship in both the location and speaker list.

Held at the Marriot Center City, the PTI Conference offered a range of presentations and conversations to local government leaders looking to share best practices. Among these offerings were leaders within Philadelphia’s City government, beginning with an official welcome from City Councilmember Brian O’Neill and Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid.

Following the official welcome, Managing Director Rich Negrin gave the keynote speech titled “Innovation in the City of Philadelphia” which not only highlighted the work of CIO Ebeid but also around the innovative community engagement efforts from Philadelphia’s Police Department and the PhillyRising Collaborative.  “Let’s not innovate for the sake of innovation,” Negrin said, “Let’s innovate to improve our neighborhoods.”

Negrin’s presentation also included the “Philly Innovates” video released this summer:

Later in the day, CIO Ebeid served on a joint panel with the neighboring NASCIO (National Association of State Chief Information Officers) Conference on “The Challenge of Mastering Innovation While Keeping the Trains Running on Time.” Chief Data Officer Mark Headd also presented on “The City of Big Data and Innovation.”


PTI’s Citizen Engaged Community designation presented to the City of Philadelphia

On the last day of the conference, Chief Customer Service Officer Rosetta Carrington Lue gave a presentation on the Philly311 Non-Emergency Contact Center. In the presentation, Lue highlighted the center’s journey from Mayor Nutter’s vision to budget cuts during the recession to becoming the multi-channel engagement platform it is today.  The City of Philadelphia and Philly311 was also honored by PTI with a Citizen-Engaged Community designation for the third consecutive year.

The Public Technology Institute actively supports local government executives and elected officials through research, education, executive-level consulting services, and national recognition programs. Click here to learn more.

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