myPhillyRising: The App for Community Building


Born out of the notion that collaboration and partnerships can solve our neighborhood’s biggest problems, the PhillyRising Collaborative has been connecting communities to city services and other resources since 2010.

In any collaborative effort, communication is an important and complex task. All partners need to be engaged with a seamless flow of information while also being empowered by the ability contribute. Until last month, this task had been charged to the individual efforts of the PhillyRising team.

The myPhillyRising app launched in October 2013.

Inspired by mobile apps such as AroundMe and Yelp, the myPhillyRising app is a central platform where community members can look-up meetings, events, clean-ups and resources around their PhillyRising neighborhoods. Centered on collaboration, the app also allows users to generate content for their neighborhood’s page. Community members can create events, share success stories and photos or post questions and comments on their neighborhood’s discussion board.

productshotAs myPhillyRising is a web app, users do not need to download it. The app can be accessed through any browser at or through the Philly311 Mobile App. The app was built to work across platforms, allowing it to work on any smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Being a central platform, the app is a sustainable way for community members to communicate. There are no back-end changes needed for the app to update itself such as when it pulls from community calendars and other outside sources.

On the app, PhillyRising’s Director John Farrell said, “We are excited to have an online location where residents will be able to both learn about activities and resources in their community as well as interact and create new events.  Connecting residents who are interested in improving their neighborhoods is part of the core mission of PhillyRising, and this app will simplify that process.”

Essentially, the app is a social network for community building. While this is evident in the interactive events, resources, and discussions, there is also a gamification piece. Users can gain points by: signing up for an account; sharing events, resources, and stories; or RSVPing/checking-in to an event. User points are added to the neighborhood’s points listed at the top of its page. An increase in points creates a public notification that the specific neighborhood “is rising.”

“The myPhillyRising app is the latest tool in the City’s efforts to engage residents in improving their neighborhoods. It helps residents connect with neighbors and resources in their neighborhood, including those that can help close the digital divide. If you need help from the City, use Philly311, but if you want to help and get involved, use myPhillyRising.” said Managing Director Rich Negrin.

Get involved by visiting the myPhillyRising app here.

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