What is the Cold Weather Widget?

ImageIf you’ve been in Philadelphia the past few weeks, chances are you’ve noticed the cold weather. And if you’ve been using the Philly311 Mobile App, chances are you’ve noticed the “Cold Weather” widget, now appearing on the app’s home screen. The widget is a reference guide for common cold weather issues.  Specifically, the widget can help you with:

No Heat Complaints for Tenants:

Tenants whose room temperatures are below 68 degrees Fahrenheit  due to a heating or thermostat issue should contact 3-1-1 so that a request can be entered with the Department of Licenses and Inspections. (An inspector will visit your residence within 5 business days.)

No Heat Complaints for Homeowners:

Homeowners with heating issues should contact the Emergency Heater Hotline through the Energy Coordinating  Agency of Philadelphia (ECA) by calling 215.568.7190 or visiting the ECA website. You may also contact the Basic Systems Home Repair Program through the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation at 215.448.2160. (Income guidelines apply.)

Frozen Traffic Signals:

If you see a traffic signal that is stuck, frozen over, or otherwise not working, please contact 3-1-1 so that a service request can be entered for the Streets Department. (The intersection will be made safe within 24hours.)

Street Light Outages:

If you notice a street light out or if you see the bulb blow, please enter this request via our Mobile App directly. (The Streets Department should repair within 10 business days.)

Possible Water Main Breaks:

If you believe there has been a water main break at a particular location, please call Philadelphia Water Department Emergency directly at 215-685-6300. (The Emergency desk is available 24hrs.)

Weatherization Programs

If you need your home weatherized to further protect against the cold, please contact Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation at 215-448-2160 and the Energy Coordinating Agency at 215-988-0929.


For information on the Low Income Heat and Energy Assistance Program, please contact 215-560-1583, 866-857-7095, TEXT: WARM to 95997 or visit the LIHEAP website from Philadelphia Gas Works.

Code Blue:

The Cold Weather widget is the place to go for all information “Code Blue.” If the City declares a “Code Blue” emergency, the app will be updated with relevant resources.

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The Philly311 Mobile App is available on all iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. Download the app here

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