Congratulations Julie!


On the rainy eve of Thanksgiving, from the top of City Hall, just below the feet of William Penn, Ben Waxman proposed to the MDO’s Julie Wertheimer.

Part of a ruse, the engagement involved Ben, Managing Director Rich Negrin, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Grants Maari Porter, and City Hall security. Ben had asked Managing Director Negrin  to get Julie to the top of the tower for a surprise engagement. The Managing Director had scheduled the meeting on the 7th floor of City Hall, asking the attendees to “check out the tower with him” before the start of the meeting. As Ben had purchased 12:00 every tour ticket, he was waiting for Julie at the top. Through her surprise, Julie said “yes.”

Ben and Julie met in City Council Chambers while Ben was reporting for the Daily News and Julie was working in the budget department. While their “first date” was centered on a work-related conversation, the relationship quickly grew outside the confines of city government.

Congratulations to Julie and Ben!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations Julie!

  1. Congrats to Julie and Ben!! Wishing you every happiness and as great a marriage as John and Barbara’s (who attended my wedding when you were just a little girl). In fact, your wedding date is just one day after mine—27 years later! My love to Barbara and Sam. Dee Johnson

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