Top 5 Easy Ways Government Can Proactively Communicate with Customers

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In the customer service industry, we’re always looking to give the customers what they want. But as great as our intentions may be, we’re often confined by budgets or technology or buy-in from others in our agency.

While implementing or upgrading new or existing technology (or even creating a new touchpoint) isn’t an easy task, there are opportunities and more economical ways to give your customers exactly what they want. It all hinges on your ability to adapt and consistently use these tools within your agencies.

Customers certainly value the addition of new, easier ways to connect with your agency but chances are what they really want is relevant information. What’s your agency’s “hot topic” of the month? In order to give your customers exactly what they want, you must pay attention to the reasons they’re contacting your operations. This is where the adaptation to technology comes into play.

Once you can identify frequently asked questions or common inquiries, you can begin to adapt your customer multi-channels. Specially, you can:

1. Arm your customer service agents with frequently asked information in real-time. For the “hot topic” of the day, provide customer service reps with more information than usual. This information can include basic research or even testimonials from other customers and customer service representatives regarding this issue. Using this information, customer service agents can relate to your customers better and share insight on a more personal level.

2. Write a blog post. If you keep seeing the same issue or misunderstanding arise, why not post something on your agency’s blog to save your customers the trouble of calling or sending an email?

3. Make a quick video. Just as easy as writing a blog post is to address the month’s “hot topic”by shooting a short video. This video could simply feature a customer service representative answering a frequently asked question. Watching a short video could be a much easier way for your customers to get the information they want.

4.Frequently post and pre-schedule social media FAQs and updates. While every agency has scheduled posts on social media, it’s important to frequently update these posts with the most relevant information for your customer. Make sure that your social media accounts are pushing out information on  your “hot topics” at least a few times a week.

5. Update your telephony Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform. If you’re using an IVR, make sure it’s loaded with the most relevant, up-to-date concerns for your customers so that they can get the information they need as quickly as possible without having to speak to a call center agents.

While large-scale adaptations can be challenging, proactively communicating relevant information to your customers does not have to be.

How are you anticipating and proactively communicating with your customers? Let me know in the comments!

0a87dc88be2bd3c4377aed9a2380550eRosetta Carrington Lue is the Chief Customer Service Officer and Senior Advisor to the City of Philadelphia’s Managing Director. Follow Rosetta on Twitter @Rosettalue or visit her blog at

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