Showcasing Philly’s Civic Applications

Among the most important components of a successful government open data program are outreach to data consumers and the development of an active community of users that work to create interesting and valuable end products with city data.

Grounded n Philly

In the City of Philadelphia, we’ve worked hard to collaborate and support the incredible work that is happening as a result of the efforts of our open data community. And this past Friday, some of the members of this community came together to showcase some of the most interesting and inspiring applications built by our talented community of civic technologists.

The work being done by the civic developer community in Philadelphia goes far beyond the handful of projects showcased at this event, but this small cluster of projects demonstrates how innovative civic apps can be and underscores the massive potential that these project have for making our city better.

The projects showcased at the event were:

Two of these special projects – Solar Sunflower and myPhilyRising – were started at the behest of city government, or involve direct collaboration by city personnel. Several others make use of open data released by the city and SEPTA over the past several years.

All of these projects demonstrate the importance of the city’s open data program and our continued efforts to make more data available to members of our community who want to create new applications, services, visualizations or to tell a story about our city.

Congratulations to all of the presenters and team members from these great projects, and to all of the people working hard in our open data community to build things to make our city better.

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