Data Innovation Day 2014

Today is Data Innovation Day.

Data Innovation Day

This is the second installment of an annual event organized by the Center for Data Innovation that underscores the critical role played by data in driving new ideas.

Using data to drive innovation is one of the core tenants of the City of Philadelphia’s open data program, and a key area of focus for the Innovation Management Team. So, to commemorate this special day in the world of data, we’re announcing several new opportunities for people to collaborate with us as we continue to release more open data.

New Data Release

Today, with the leadership of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, we released energy benchmark data for all municipal buildings in the City of Philadelphia. This data compliments a data release from last year that made public a complete inventory of all city owned or leased buildings.

Voting Enabled on Open Data Pipeline

Last year, we made public a listing of open data sets that staff on the Innovation Management Team were working to release. This public listing – referred to as our open data pipeline – is used by OIT to track our work and to prioritize data releases. Today we enabled the public to vote on the specific items in this list, to provide more insights into the data sets in our pipeline that people are most interested in. Note – voting requires a free account on Trello.

Open Data Guidebook 1.0

Last year, we began work on a document that is meant to provide guidance to city departments and agencies on releasing open data. Since there are lots of other cities working on open data initiatives, we opted to make what is essentially an internal document public so that others could learn from it and help us improve it. Today we released version 1.0 of this important guide with the inclusion of a number of important lessons learned from almost 2 full years of open data work.

As important as an event like Data Innovation Day is, the work of the Innovation Management Team to publish open data goes on year round. You can help by joining our open data discussion forum, adding your vote to our open data pipeline or following our projects on GitHub.

Let’s work together to make every day Data Innovation Day!

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