The Philly311 Show: Customer Service

Philly311, the City of Philadelphia’s non-Emergency Contact Center, is proud to present The Philly311 Show. Hosted by Chief Customer Service Officer Rosetta Carrington Lue, the show’s goal is simple: to engage, educate, and empower citizens with information about city services. Through interviews with employees from across the municipality, citizens can learn about new initiatives, available resources, and get to know the personal side of city government. The biweekly show appears on the Philly311 Youtube channel as well as Philadelphia’s Channel 64 at 7:00pm on Monday/Wednesday/Sunday and 7:00am on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

On Season 1, Episode 4, Rosetta Carrington Lue sits down with 311 Operations Manager, Sheryl Johnson. In this episode:

  • Sheryl and Rosetta discuss what constitutes a “non-emergency.”
  • Sheryl talks about the concept of “service level agreements” between the contact center and servicing departments.
  • Rosetta asks Sheryl to talk about her diverse professional background.
  • Sheryl gives a shout-out to a special fan! 

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