The Philly311 CRM has Kicked Off!

Edward Garcia, MDO Project Implementation Manager for the Philly311 CRM, speaks at the kickoff

Edward Garcia, MDO Project Implementation Manager for the Philly311 CRM, speaks at the kickoff

Last week, after months of strategic planning, we held the kick off for the Philly311 CRM: a new era of citizen engagement in Philadelphia.

As the project executive, I have seen every part of this process– the brainstorming, demoing, journey-mapping– but most importantly, I have seen the exciting potential for how Philadelphia can serve its residents.

While the backbone of this [Customer Relationship Management] system will improve the City’s ability to share knowledge and work interdepartmentally, the CRM’s social functionality will provide a great deal of value to our external customers. The system’s robust infrastructure will create a social platform around the non-emergency contact center;  the Philly311 CRM will facilitate conversations between neighbors and stakeholders who want to collaborate, share best practices, and organize events to improve their community. On our end, we’ll be able to capitalize on a variety of communications, including social media data, to better understand the needs of our customers so we can proactively serve and provide information.

My vision for the Philly311 CRM is to improve the customer’s overall experience when seeking out municipal information and services. The technology will provide more information and functionality to both City agents and customers, paving the way for more seamless resolutions. This, paired with the technology’s social capabilities, will add to the City’s current success in making positive transformations within municipal government. 

In reference to the PhillyCRM, Managing Director Rich Negrin told me:

“A new CRM will open a world of possibilities for city government to engage with Philadelphia residents and will help provide the level of service they deserve. It will enhance our efforts to treat our citizens as valued customers. The new system is innovative, smart, comprehensive, and social. This marks a new era for citizen engagement.”

Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid also told me:

“The 311 CRM replacement project is part of the Mayor’s overall vision to use our limited dollars to modernize mission critical services and open up opportunities for improving customer service.”

As this exciting journey begins, it is necessary to thank Mayor Nutter for his leadership and support throughout this process, Executive Sponsor and City Managing Director Richard Negrin for his commitment to customer service, Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid for his insight and guidance, and last but not least, our diverse group of internal and external partners who have worked tirelessly to ensure that our citizens are served in the best way possible.

I look forward to updating you throughout this process. Any questions?

0a87dc88be2bd3c4377aed9a2380550eRosetta Carrington Lue is the Chief Customer Service Officer and Senior Advisor to the City of Philadelphia’s Managing Director. Follow Rosetta on Twitter @Rosettalue or visit her blog at

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